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How TRAE YOUNG Is PROVING Everyone WRONG! | Can He STEAL Rookie Of The Year?

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Anyways if Trae Young continues what he’s doing from now til the end of the season, then maybe Luka won’t win the award unanimously. Because Trae is playing out of skin right now and proving everyone wrong. Just like he has done at every point in his basketball career, Trae was overlooked in high school despite averaging 40+ points per game, he then arrives in Oklahoma becomes biggest star in college basketball and eventually the first freshman to ever lead the NCAA in both scoring and assists. Then coming into the draft we were hearing he’s too weak too little and should return for his sophomore season. He proceeds to struggle at first in the summerleague the same way he did in the NBA back in November, before eventually figuring it out. Exactly a month ago Trae Young was being killed for his comments on ESPN, where he said the trade that involved him and luka worked out for both teams.
Since those comments in the month of Febuary, Trae Young has averaged 22 points and 9 assists a game, shooting 44% from three. In 4 games since the all star break he’s averaging 31 points, and 9 assists and is just coming off of back to back career high’s of 36, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see him go off again Saturday night against Chicago. His numbers the past 20 games are identical too, and on the season Trae is now averaging 18 points and 8 assists a game. Most importantly he’s now shooting 41% from the field and 33% from the perimeter. Numbers that are continuing to increasing drastically remembering at one point he was one of the league’s least efficient scorers. What’s ridiculous is that during his career high against Houston, Trae’s average distance on his 3pt jumpers was 29 feet. That’s the longest average distance for a player in a single game the past 6 seasons. And that was on a ridiculous 8-12 shooting from outside.

Trae is overcoming the rookie wall before our very eyes and showing glimpses of the superstar it seems like every at some point doubted he could become. Trae is young at just 20 years old, and he’s already displayed two elite skills on the NBA level. First and foremost his shooting that of late he’s paired with arguably his best ability of all which is his playmaking. Trae is 9th right now in the NBA in assists per game, and among players who average 30 minutes a game only MVP’s Westbrook and Harden have a higher assist percentage.

The fact that Trae is now finding rythym from the perimeter and knocking them down consistently from 30 plus feet, only spaces out the defense more and makes it easier to either drop a dime to John Collins inside, or assist Kevin Huerter on the perimeter. He’s now demanding so much attention that it opens up his teamamtes for these easy looks. People made the mistake of assuming that because of all the deep three’s in college trae was curry 2.0 or bust. Completing overlooking the fact he was the best passer in college basketball for a reason, even tying the NCAA record for most assists in a game with 22. He takes every bit as many elements from Steve Nash’s game as he does from Steph Curry’s. And I’m not one for usually comparing numbers from different time periods but for what it’s worth Young is averaging more points and assists than either of those two did per 36 minutes their rookie seasons.
I’ve been huge on Trae Young for years now and believed he was gonna be a star in the NBA. It seems now with his feet under him in he’s blossoming into a star for the Hakws with a supporting cast that caters to his style and a franchise in no rush whatsoever. The Hawks have organisational patience and it’s proving to go along way in developing their young players. The Hawks have found the balance between growing as a team and allowing Trae to outgrow his flaws. And they’re already winning games much faster than they were expected to. Trae just seems more and more comfortable against NBA defensive skemes every night. I have no doubts concerning him right now and while I disagree that he has any legitmate shot of winning rookie of the year, he’s certainly climbing the ladder and making as good a case as anybody for second place.Gullible

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